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How to Quiet Those Noisy Air Vents in Your Home

How to Quiet Those Noisy Air Vents in Your HomeNoisy air vents are a nuisance everyone can do without. Luckily, most causes of noisy air vents require a simple solution that you can do at home.

To understand why you’re hearing noise from your air vents, it helps to keep in mind that your HVAC system is constantly balancing the air in your home through two types of vents: supply and return. Your supply vents are connected to ducts that blow air into your living areas. Your return registers pull air up into the system.

Most supply vents can be put into an open or a closed position. Having too many of these vents in the closed position is a main reason why people have noisy vents. Today’s HVAC systems work best when all vents are open, allowing the air volume in the house to remain stable. If you have closed vents, your first step should be to open them and see if you hear a difference.

Even if vents aren’t closed, they can be noisy if they are blocked by furniture or anything else that can interfere with air flow. If you have anything blocking any vents, try moving it temporarily to see if that solves your noise problem.

Dirty or blocked filters can be another culprit that blocks air flow. Check to be sure your filters are clean and properly installed.

Finally, make sure there are no obvious foreign objects in any of your vents that could be creating noise or obstructing air flow. Especially if you have vents on or near floor level, it is not uncommon for small objects to fall into them.

If you’ve tried everything listed here and still have noise issues, it’s time to contact your HVAC professional. You may have obstructions or other problems further back in your ducts than you can easily see. If the noise has always been an issue, you may have undersized ducts. A professional can investigate further and help find a solution for your problem.

For more information about fixing noisy air vents or other HVAC issues in the Orlando area, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today.

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